Don’t Miss Out On Sales

Posted on 22, Jan | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

Credit cards are the most convenient method of payment in nearly every situation and customers expect to be able to use them for their purchases.  If your business doesn’t currently accept credit cards, you are missing out on some very valuable sales!

Some businesses don’t accept them because they think it is far too costly…this is not the case.  North American Bancard makes it affordable for businesses to accept credit by offering low rates and their free terminal program.  There are all sorts of different devices from manufacturer’s such as Hypercom and Verifone that can be implemented into your payment solution.  Just because the equipment is “free” doesn’t mean that you are getting sub-par quality; it’s the best available on the market.

We’ll help you boost your sales and provide added payment convenience for both you and your customers.  The representatives at our help desk are a great resource available to you if you have any questions.  Just call 1-800-BANCARD.  If you’re ready to go ahead and get started on the application, just visit us online at

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Superior Service, Superior Products

Posted on 18, Jan | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

When you are looking for a payment solution for your business, North American Bancard is the provider to turn to.  Our products and merchant services are a combination sure to please the pickiest of business owners.  NAB has the very latest from Hypercom, Verifone, and more! 

The NAB customer service team is ready to answer all of your questions and assist you in the implementation of a high-functioning payment solution.  One of the most unique things about us is our free terminal program.  It’s one of the very best programs in the industry and will help you to affordably accept cards.  Not only are NAB’s services cost-effective, they are backed by a staff that knows the industry.

North American Bancard is determined to provide nothing but the best, both in terms of products and services.  We want to make things easy on the customer so that they can focus on their business rather than a temperamental payment system.  To learn more, or begin the online application, just visit  You can also reach one of our representatives by calling 800-BANCARD today!

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Verifone Products Available From North American Bancard

Posted on 21, Nov | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

Verifone is a company that makes a wide variety of payment products.  Whether you are a retail store, restaurant, service business, or any other type of business for that matter, there is a Verifone product for you.

The tag line for one of their best-selling credit card terminals, the OMNI 3750, is “Big Brain. Small Footprint. Smart Choice.”  This seems to be a representative statement of not only the 3750, but of Verifone as a whole.  Their products are innovative, efficient, and cost-effective.  They are always striving to provide the newest technology integrated with their products.

North American Bancard has a number of Verifone products available for your business.  To see what devices best fit your business environment and industry, visit or call 1-800-BANCARD to speak with a customer service representative.

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Get the Latest Technology from North American Bancard

Posted on 19, Nov | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

There is a lot of great new technology coming out in the payment industry from a number of different manufacturers.  North American Bancard has the latest in credit card processing equipment and provides high quality solutions that your business can rely on.  Here is a look at just a few of the companies and products carried by NAB:

  • MagTek: The MICRImager reads and images checks quickly and accurately.
  • Verifone: The Nurit 8000 is a highly-flexible wireless payment device.  The touchscreen display supports signature capture, so you can serve your customer anywhere
  • WAY Systems: The MTT is a device the size of a cell phone, allowing you to take your payment system with you wherever you go.  Also take a look at the optional infra-red wireless printer.

Not only does NAB have the latest and greatest in products, but its customer service is second to none.  The service staff is truly dedicated to helping you implement the most efficient system possible for your business.  To talk to a representative call (800) BANCARD or visit online to learn more about all that North American Bancard has to offer.

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An Introduction to Credit Card Terminals

Posted on 13, Nov | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

North American Bancard has a number of credit card terminals that can reshape the way that you do business.  There is a payment solution for each and every industry, it is just a matter of finding which products and services fit your specific needs.  Here is a brief look at some of the products available from north American Bancard:

  • The Hypercom T7: A countertop terminal that reads all card fomats, has an integrated printer, and simple user-friendly operation.
  • The Nurit 8000: Wireless operation, internal PIN pad, and a large back-lit display that allows for customer signatures directly on the screen.
  • The Verifone Omni 3750: An integrated smart card reader, high speed thermal printer, and support for other peripheral devices all in one compact package.

Visit to learn more about these terminals and other products and services for your business.  You can also call (800) BANCARD to speak with a customer service representative to answer your specific questions.

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A Look at the OMNI 3750

Posted on 28, Oct | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

The latest technology from Verifone has what it takes to boost your retail establishment’s payment efficiency. With features such as an integrated smart card reader and support for value-added applications, the OMNI 3750 packs a lot into a small device. This terminal won’t crowd your counter space and includes a built-in PIN pad, so there are no extra wires taking up unnecessary space.

Verifone’s SoftPay software is made specifically for your industry, whether it is retail, restaurant, or mail order. This software, in combination with the Verix multi-application architecture, ensures secure payments and enhances your customer service.

This credit card terminal is user-friendly and is incredibly easy to use. The interface has an ATM-style design and straight-forward menu prompts that make it easy to train new clerks. You can expect the design of the OMNI 3750 to bring user errors to a minimum because of its intuitive design.

The 3750 is capable of handling all of your card processing needs. Let the newest in POS technology serve your business.

Visit for more information about this device and more!

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Credit or Debit?

Posted on 16, Oct | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

Options are good.

Like “paper or plastic?” “would you like fries or tots?” and “do you want to upgrade to a large for only 25c more?,” “credit or debit” is now part of the retail language. It gives us the freedom to choose for ourselves.

I get asked that question every time I pull a plastic card out of my wallet.

Is your storefront equipped to accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and other forms of payment along with cash and/or check? In today’s world of business, people want to use their debit cards, not count cash.

When someone asks me “credit or debit,” I most always reply “debit.” The reason? Because I don’t want to have to wait for them to print out a credit card receipt so I can sign it. I want to quickly type in my PIN number on a credit card terminal like the Verifone Vx570 and quickly be on my way. But if I can’t type in my personal PIN number, I’m obviously not going to use my debit card, and if I can’t use my card at your store, I’ll probably choose the store that will gladly let me key-in my PIN and give them my money.

Your store should absolutely be equipped with credit cards equipment that gives your customers the option to pay with debit and enter their own PIN number on the terminal or external keypad.

A merchant account with North American Bancard doesn’t just provide you with the tools to run credit cards. It gives your customers the freedom to choose how they’d like to pay. It gives your company the best rates you can find and the state-of-the-art secure equipment it needs to process transactions.

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Army and Navy Facilities using Verifone PAYware Software

Posted on 13, Oct | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

Today, Verifone announced that Vermont Systems (VSI) has selected PAYware Transact to be their PCI-compliant payment engine for their RecTrac facilities management system. VSI provides software for managing recreation and parks operations for municipal, county, state and federal military governmental entities such as Army and Navy recreational facilities.

VSI will use the Verifone software to provide their customers at the rec. facilities with a secure PCI-compliant credit-card acceptance and payment processing system to support activities from court and locker reservations, to child care services.

PAYware Transact is a powerful, highly scalable payment platform made for high-volume, enterprise level transaction processing for businesses of any size. The utilization of Verifone’s software will give VSI total control of their payment and card processing solution.

To learn more about how Verifone products can help your business, click here to contact North American Bank Card.

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Cut the Cords with Wireless Credit Card Processing

Posted on 12, Oct | Posted by North American Bancard Blogger

What’s the number one goal of any retail business? To sell, and regularly increase sales, right? That’s easy enough. But sometimes for a small startup company, it’s not as simple as waiting for the customers to come to you.

You have to be mobile. Bring the POS to your customers.

The days of going to trade shows and using a ball point pen, a clipboard and some carbon paper for credit card processing are long gone.  Today, there are mobile credit card terminals that will securely accept credit cards in places that aren’t tied down by phone lines and bulky out-of-date technology. The technology isn’t bulky.

The Verifone Vx670 is one of the smallest wireless credit card terminals available thanks to its innovative design. There are even mobile credit card terminals that will fit in your pocket like a cell phone.

North American Bancard gives you the tools to bring your business to your customers, ultimately saving your company time and money while increasing sales.

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