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Fast Track Holiday Training for Employees

Posted on 18, Dec | Posted by admin

During the holidays many businesses need to hire temporary staff. They are often hired through temp agencies rather than directly through the organization. Agencies cover the costs of screening, hiring, training and payroll, but it is up to the business to get the workers oriented with its procedures. They need to learn your software and hardware systems, customer care specifics and the basics of your organizational structure.

Here are five tips, from Business 2 Community, for fast track training your holiday employees:

1. Provide a mentor. Pair your temporary employees with experienced staff members. This provides your temp with a go-to person for all questions and arising issues. The mentor will be responsible for showing the temp around; explaining company procedures and requirements; and giving information on the function of equipment they need to use. This saves you from having to train each temp and provide print material like company handbooks. It also gives your temp one-on-one attention.

2. Make your temp feel welcome. This will motivate your temp and make him/her feel more comfortable asking questions. This means your temp will double-check before making decisions that aren’t clear cut – this can prevent serious consequences for your permanent staff and the business. Be sure to let your employees know that they are expected to be helpful and respectful of temp workers.

3. Build a relationship with the temp agency. This gives you the opportunity to request the same temp workers. This would result in less training for you and your staff to do when the need arises for a temp worker. It also allows the agency to become more in-tune with your needs so they are better able to select appropriately qualified temps for your business.

4. Start early. Anticipate the busy seasons. If your budget allows, hire temp staff a few weeks ahead of time. This will give you more time to properly train the temp. It also makes it possible for you to coordinate time off for permanent staff.

5. Cross-train. It’s easier to fill in gaps when your employees are trained for more than one department. You can often function with temps when you know which departments need fewer hands on deck. You can then shuffle employees quite easily, provided that they are appropriately trained. This is a cost-effective way of dealing with the staffing issues the holiday season brings if some departments need more staff than others.

It is important to know how to prepare for the holiday season. Give yourself time to provide adequate training so your additional staffing doesn’t do more harm than good, develop a strong relationship with your temp agency and prepare your staff to assist in training.

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Essential SEO Strategies for E-Commmerce

Posted on 17, Dec | Posted by admin

Search engine optimization seems simple, but there are many working parts that need to be monitored and adjusted for it to be a successful strategy. This process can be quite involved for e-commerce sites, which must follow best practices while also keeping up with Google’s ever changing search algorithms.

Here is a great list of items to consider when planning your SEO strategy, according to Inc.:

1. Create product descriptions. Each of your products should have a unique description that is not found anywhere else, including on the manufacturer’s website or print material. Copied content will not help your campaign while unique content will give it an extra push.

2. Encourage reviews. Get your users to post product reviews on individual product pages. Amazon is a great example of product page reviews. Google sees reviews as valuable content. Getting reviews is a great way to add content to your website and give insight into your products and how they work, all without spending money.

3. Simple site navigation. This can improve your search engine rankings and user experience. Make product pages easily searchable and intuitive. Your site map should be easy for new users to follow. Ensure that the site design is aesthetically pleasing and sends visitors in the right direction.

4. Reduce image sizes. Your site load times will decrease if you lower the quality of your images. You can also include a “zoom in” feature so users can access a larger image if they are interested.

5. On-page Links. Google will reward you for making users click less. Make it easy for users to get from one page to another. Provide links to relevant pages throughout the site to save users time in navigation and improve your search engine ranking.

6. Mobile Optimization. Make the mobile experience easy and fast by using a responsive site, mobile design or app. It should be just as easy to make transactions from a mobile device as it is from a desktop.

7. Integrate product pages with social sharing. All of your product pages should have social sharing buttons so information about your products can reach a wider audience through the networks of your website visitors. This also boosts SEO by increasing your authority.

8. Update your out-of-stock and discontinued item pages. This may not seem like a good idea, but it creates more pages on your website. It also gives search engines more content to index.

9. Create seasonal categories. Make it easy for users to find Christmas-themed products and suitable items for Halloween. Be sure to use relevant keywords to attract higher search engine rankings.

10. Add a community forum. Give your users a space to share information about products and make recommendations. Start conversations and engage with users by answering questions and responding to complaints in a timely manner. This will increase their loyalty to your brand.

11. Always include pictures and videos. Visual content is important for SEO and easy to include. Give different views of the products you offer, and create videos with a compilation of images and ways to use the product. Tag all images with metadata to increase the chances of your images showing up in a search.

12. Secure your site. Get HTTPS encryption for user security. This makes users more comfortable and boosts search engine rankings.

13. Conduct regular checks for errors. Make sure all of your links take users to the right place. Check external links to make sure they still direct users to a functional page.

14. Make URL titles relevant. Each page URL should be unique, relevant to the page and optimized with keywords. Stay away from URLs that include long combinations of letters and/or numbers.

15. Use great product meta descriptions. Meta descriptions appear under hyperlinks on the search engine ranking page. You want them to be compelling enough to grab the search user’s attention and make them click the link.

16. Optimize internal search. Make it easy for users to search your site and find what they want. Your algorithm should be able to deal with incorrect spellings and predict search text.

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Learn to Leverage Social Media for Your Business

Posted on 16, Dec | Posted by admin

Business owners need to know how to leverage social media, but before delving into the world of social media marketing they must identify a purpose and determine how social media fits their business objectives. To help, take a look at these tips from Stuart J. Davidson:

  • In order for social media to work for a business, there must be a commitment to invest both time and money. Social media is not a quick, easy or cheap marketing effort in the beginning. It requires a team of skilled individuals to execute effective campaigns. It may be necessary to train people to manage social media accounts in a productive way. Outsourcing this function could lead to increased costs, and does not guarantee a team that is dedicated to promoting your business.
  • Though the concept seems simple, you need to conduct research to determine whether or not social media is viable for your business. The good news is that you can use social media to do it. Monitor your customers’ use of social media. Pay attention to their reactions to social media marketing. Check out your competitors’ pages and note the responses to their activity. Identify what they are doing well and what has room for improvement. This information will become your toolkit, informing your social media strategy.
  • Crawl, walk, run, fly is a four-step framework you can use to implement social media in your marketing plan. It begins with the building of a team and the development on content. The brand voice then needs to be established. All content published must be consistent in voice and tone. The process should engage all partners. In the final stage, employees, partners and customers should be connected through social innovation and integration.

When leveraging social media for your business, be sure to do your homework. Learn as much as you can through research and observation. Set clear, realistic goals and measure regularly to keep track of your progress. Ensure that you are social on your social media accounts and not simply talking at your audience. Avoid taking shortcuts. Put in the time to get the desired outcome.

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FAQ of the Week: How Can I Process Pre- and Force Authorizations?

Posted on 15, Dec | Posted by admin

Question: Hello, how can I process pre-authorizations and force transactions in PayAnywhere Storefront?

Answer: Processing pre-authorizations and forced transactions is easy using PayAnywhere. Watch the tutorial, by clicking on the photo below, for step-by-step instructions.

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Video of the Week: Launching PayAnywhere Test Drive

Posted on 12, Dec | Posted by admin

This week’s featured video is from the PayAnywhere Storefront Tutorials section of the PayAnywhere YouTube channel. In this video you can learn how to launch PayAnywhere Test Drive and explore the functionality of the PayAnywhere app. Check it out by clicking on the photo below:

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Upcoming North American Bancard Holiday Hours

Posted on 11, Dec | Posted by admin

North American Bancard offices will be closed at 6 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 12.

In addition, the following closures and shipping delays are expected through the end of the year:

Dec. 24

  • All ACH debits and credits made on Dec. 24 will be reflected in accounts on Friday, Dec. 26.
  • There will be limited delivery services on Dec. 24, and only air packages will be picked up. Packages in transit on that will will experience a one-day delivery delay due to the UPS closure on Dec. 25.
  • North American Bancard offices will be closing at 6 p.m. EST. Both mobile and tech support will remain open until 9 p.m. EST.

Dec. 25

  • The federal Reserve and our bank will be closed on Dec. 25. Any activity from Dec. 25 will be processed on Friday, Dec. 26. Those debits and credits will show in accounts on Monday, Dec. 29.
  • There will be no deliveries or pickups made, Dec. 25, in observance of the Christmas holiday.
  • North American Bancard will be closed, and normal business hours will resume on Friday, Dec. 26.

Dec. 31

  • All ACH debits and credits processed Dec. 31 will be reflected in accounts on Friday, Jan. 2, 2015.
  • There will be limited delivery services on Dec. 31, and only air packages will be picked up. Packages in transit on that will will experience a one-day delivery delay due to the UPS closure on Thursday, Jan. 1.
  • North American Bancard offices will be closing early at 6 p.m. EST. Customer service, tech support and mobile support will remain open until 9 p.m. EST.

Jan. 1

  • The Federal Reserve and our bank will be closed Jan. 1. Any activity from Jan. 1 will be processed on Friday, Jan. 2, with those debits and credits showing in bank accounts Monday, Jan. 5.
  • No deliveries or pickups will be made in observance of the New Year’s Day holiday.
  • North American Bancard will be closed Jan. 1, with normal business hours resuming on Friday, Jan. 2.

Thank you for choosing North American Bancard, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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What You Need to Do for a Successful Holiday Season

Posted on 9, Dec | Posted by admin

This is a busy time of year for everyone, but especially for business owners. You have to do a balancing act as the holiday season coincides with the end of another quarter, and the end of the year. It is also the time of year that we resolve issues and prepare for a fresh start in the new year. Here are four things you should focus on in December, according to Inc.:

1. Focus on sales. Try to hit your target for the end of the quarter, but also secure sales for the first quarter of 2015. The holidays provide a great opportunity to reach out to your customers. Find out what they need, and aim to fulfill the needs. Eric Holtzclaw of Lean Forward suggests taking steps to prove your commitment to helping customers reach their goals. Customers base your value on your ability to help them, and this will determine your success.

2. Get your shopping done. Minda Zetlin of The Laid Back Leader said she gets a lot of shopping done during this time of year because she and her husband have two children and three grandchildren with birthdays during the holiday season. She avoids traffic and increases efficiency by shopping online where she can read product reviews and access a wider range of products.

3. Clarify your vision. You need to have a clear vision for every new year. Following a review of 2014, you need to have a plan for your business for 2015. Identify the differences between where you are now and where you would like to be next year. Add to the value of your business, and make it an integral part of your goal setting. Marla Tabaka of The Successful Soloist said, “A well-balanced plan includes milestones involving the company’s purpose and vision.”

4. Spend time with people important to you. This includes friends, family members and clients. Take time to relax and enjoy being off the clock. Take some time to connect and reconnect with people and be disconnected from work.

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FAQ of the Week: How Can I Manage Multiple Accounts?

Posted on 8, Dec | Posted by admin

Question: I have multiple merchant accounts with PayAnywhere. How I can manage them all through one login?

Answer: If you have multiple merchant accounts with PayAnywhere, you can use one login credential for all accounts and switch seamlessly between them with PayAnywhere. To learn more, click on the photo below to watch the tutorial video from the PayAnywhere YouTube channel:

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Transform Your Business in 2015 With These Technologies

Posted on 3, Dec | Posted by admin

Innovation is fueled by technology that can give a transformative advantage to businesses. Business owners need to regularly assess their devices, software and services to determine the existing needs in the computing infrastructure. The end of the calendar year is a good time to conduct such assessments, according to Fox Business. Here are five keys areas that need to be reviewed:

1. Cloud computing. Small businesses benefit from the increased speed and ability to use methods that would otherwise be too costly or time-consuming. Businesses can use a pay as you go model to manage expenses and adjust computing resources. Business owners can also focus more on their business rather than computing infrastructure.

2. Mobility. More devices, locations and apps are being used to increase productivity and the efficiency of teamwork in small businesses. According to the Sage U.S. SMB Survey on Mobile Devices, 70 percent of businesses are improving customer services through mobility. Websites must be mobile-friendly as customers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to browse the web and make purchases.

3. Marketing automation. Digital marketing drives customer engagement and leads to conversions. Oracle Eloqua and BtoB magazine found in a survey that 72 percent of small to medium-size business think today’s marketing techniques help them to target, engage, convert and analyze customers – resulting in higher sales. They make it possible to determine what is and isn’t working in relation to sales and the return on investment.

4. Collaboration. Use of PDF documents makes it easy to share and access information within teams. It ensures that conversions are not necessary as the file type is generally accepted and easy to open. This saves time and improves the workflow. PDF files can be created for scanned documents and electronic documents, and can be edited and searched without compromising the original.

5. Big data. Every day, more data is flowing through small businesses. Scanned documents, videos, images, social media content and spreadsheets accumulate. Big data allows businesses to unlock the value of the information it holds. Analytical tools available through big data applications can assess the effectiveness of campaigns, predict outcomes and explain patterns in sales.

Running a small business can be overwhelming. An SMB Group study asked business owners to identify their top three valuable information sources and 43 percent named vendor and service provider websites. Professional advisors and consultants were cited by 42 percent as most important while 41 percent pointed to colleagues in similar businesses. Small business owners need to identify the resources available and start using them to plan for a successful 2015.

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Thank Your Clients This Holiday Season

Posted on 2, Dec | Posted by admin

During the holiday season, it’s important to pay attention to your existing customers while also trying to attract new ones. So how do you do that? Simple holiday greetings to express your gratitude for their patronage is a great way. A nice handwritten thank you card and a small gift can help to set your business apart from competitors during the busiest time of the year.

Here are eight ways to thank your clients during the holiday season and make your business stand out, according to Go Small Biz:

1.     Send a handwritten thank you note.

2.     Personally deliver the thank you note.

3.     Include a gift with the note, and deliver them together.

4.     Make a donation to a local food bank in your client’s name.

5.     Send a Christmas card.

6.     Send a small Christmas gift, like candy or other treats.

7.     Send a calendar, and mark important dates for your client – like annual review dates – on it.

8.     Use your network to provide a service for your client, and pick up the bill.

Life is about helping people and building relationships. When you give, remember that it is about your clients. Try to match your gestures to their needs. Keep your focus on helping to solve client problems and making things easier for them. Happy holidays!

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