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North American Bancard Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

Posted on 25, Nov | Posted by admin

North American Bancard will be closed Thursday, Nov. 27, in observance of Thanksgiving, along with the Federal Reserve and UPS.

All ACH debits and credits that are processed on Wednesday, Nov. 28, will be reflected in your account on Friday, Nov. 28. Any activity from Thursday, Nov. 27, will be processed on Friday, Nov. 28, and those credits and debits will appear in your bank account on Monday, Dec. 1.

There will be normal UPS pick-up and delivery on Wednesday, Nov. 26, but UPS will be closed Thursday, resulting in one additional day of transit time.

Thank you for choosing North American Bancard, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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Introducing PayPal, the New PayAnywhere Storefront Payments Partner

Posted on 24, Nov | Posted by admin

PayAnywhere Storefront is happy to announce a new partnership with PayPal that will enable PayAnywhere 3.0 Storefront merchants to accept PayPal mobile in-store payments.

PayPal photo check-in allows PayAnywhere Storefront merchants to see a list of PayPal users in or near their store. Once a customer is ready to make a purchase, the merchant locates and selects the customer from the on-screen menu.  No wallets, no swipes and no signatures – it’s that simple.

For PayPal users, paying with PayPal is easy and it only takes a few taps to get set up. Simply launch the PayPal app on your smartphone, locate a business within the “shop” tab, and check-in to pay at the point of sale with PayPal. It really is that simple! Millions of PayPal customers can pay with PayPal in-store using the PayPal app on their mobile device.

What does this mean for PayAnywhere Storefront merchants? That’s easy. The integration of PayPal photo check-in with PayAnywhere 3.0 can help speed up your transaction process and minimize long lines at your counter.

In addition to speeding up your transactions, as a PayAnywhere storefront merchant you can offer PayPal users a more personalized shopping experience and greet them by name at the register.

For more information, on PayAnywhere 3.0, check out the FAQ PDF. Happy check-ins!

PayPal and the PayPal logo are registered trademarks of PayPal, Inc.

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4 Things You Should Know About Digital Wallets

Posted on 22, Nov | Posted by admin

With the launch of Apple Pay in late October, and the continued growth of Google Wallet and other digital wallets like Softcard, there are several things card companies, like Visa, want you to be aware of. Visa recently released digital wallet guidelines for merchants, aimed at educating business owners on things they should be aware of prior to integrating with a digital wallet service provider.

Here are the four things, according to Visa, that you should know:

1. Because of the wide variety of product offerings, user experiences and service providers – it can be hard to provide a simple definition of digital wallets.

Despite these difficulties, Visa says all digital wallets share common features like the ability to make payments at multiple merchants through one set of user credentials; the ability to associate multiple payment methods, including multiple card brands; and accessibility from multiple internet-connected devices like smartphones, computers and tablets.

2. Before you partner with a service provider, determine if the company can help you protect sensitive credit card data.

If we’ve learned anything this last year, it’s that data breaches happen. As a merchant, you should determine if the service provider you choose can help minimize the risk of a data breach by removing data shared with merchants, or substituting it with a tokenized value.

3. If your goal is to use digital wallet acceptance as a means to manage fraudulent charges, there are things you should consider.

First, you will want to understand your current fraud trends, risk tolerances, controls and data dependencies prior to integration. After that you will want to keep an eye out for fraud campaigns as the introduction of new payment methods can initially attract attempted frauds. As time goes on, you will want to analyze your fraud control systems and processes. You will want to ensure that whatever systems you integrate with are compatible with your own internal fraud systems – sometimes adding a new service provider can affect your ability to receive certain data and can change risk management rules. This incomplete data can lead to higher fraud penetration and chargebacks, so do your homework and be prepared to make any necessary changes to your fraud systems.

4. Be sure to test prior to live integration. You will want to ensure an effective integration of systems and processes with your own so that you don’t lose out on valuable time and money.

To start, you will want to make sure you follow the service provider’s integration procedures. They often have a very specific set of instructions for merchants to follow, including details on security controls for authentication, key management and application security. Next, you will want to perform testing before you start the integration. You can use a test environment to help identify any issues prior to making a digital wallet available to your customers. You will also want to test the security of the application in case there are issues. Finally, you will want to monitor how well the systems is doing following integration – this will allow you to track any new customer behavior, and will help you detect any issues in the system.

Did you know, as a North American Bancard merchant, you can accept contactless payments? To learn more, visit

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Video of the Week: Processing Refunds and Voids

Posted on 21, Nov | Posted by admin

This week’s featured video is from the PayAnywhere Storefront Tutorials section of the PayAnywhere YouTube channel. In this video you can learn how to process refunds and voids using PayAnywhere Storefront; and learn how to share receipts. Check it out by clicking on the photo below:

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North American Bancard Employees Raise Money for Macomb Food Program

Posted on 20, Nov | Posted by admin

During the most recent employee appreciation week, members of North American Bancard (NAB) participated in raffles and a canned food drive to raise money and collect food for the Macomb Food Program near NAB headquarters in Troy, MI.

In total, 450 pounds of food and $2,800 was donated to the program – providing more than 2,500 meals for those in need.

According to their site, the mission of the Macomb Food Program is to provide food to hungry people in Macomb County, “Feeding the hungry since 1975, the Macomb food Program provides immediate relief to those in need of emergency food through a network of more than 50 pantries and hunger relief organizations.”

To learn more, visit

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5 Things You Should Know About NFC

Posted on 18, Nov | Posted by admin

With the recent launch of products like Apple Pay, you may be asking yourself, “What is NFC?” North American Bancard is here to help. Here are five things you should know about NFC:

1. NFC stands for near-field communication. NFC is what allows two devices to share data.

2. You’ve likely used it already. Yes, even if you haven’t realized it. It’s embedded in computer cards, print ads, smart cards and it is featured in many Android phones, Windows phones and the new iPhone.

3. NFC works in two ways. The first is two-way communication, where two devices can read and write each other – like transferring contacts or photos from one device to another. The second is one-way communication where a device can read and write to an NFC chip – similar to using an NFC enabled card to pay for something using an NFC terminal.

4. Sure there are other technologies, like Bluetooth, that can do things similar to NFC, but NFC uses less power and is better for your smartphone’s battery life. NFC is also less complicated to use than Bluetooth and doesn’t need to be paired with anything.

5. NFC is extremely secure. According to an article on CNET, intercepting payment information from an NFC device is very difficult because of how the process works. To use NFC for payments, the payment application is first launched on a phone that is then tapped on a terminal. The customer then enters a code or scans a fingerprint to approve the transaction. A secure element (SE) then authorizes the payment and sends the information to the NFC modem. The payment is then processed like a credit card swipe.

NFC is likely to continue to grow in popularity in the mobile payments space, to learn more about NFC payments and how you can prepare your business with North American Bancard, visit

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FAQ of the Week: How Can I Add More Users?

Posted on 17, Nov | Posted by admin

Question: Hello, I use PayAnywhere Storefront and I want to add more users to my account. How do I do that?

Answer: PayAnywhere Inside makes it easy to be able to do a number of things with your account, including add more users. In addition, you can find your financial information, change  your username and password, add business information, access social link settings, ordering additional readers and set your alerts. To learn more, check out the video tutorial by clicking on the photo below.

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Video of the Week: PayAnywhere Inside Overview

Posted on 14, Nov | Posted by admin

This week’s featured video is from the PayAnywhere Storefront Tutorials section of the PayAnywhere YouTube channel. In this video you can learn how to log in; recover a forgotten password; learn how to switch to different account; and learn more about referrals and support. Check it out by clicking on the photo below:

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What You Need To Know About EPX Joining North American Bancard

Posted on 12, Nov | Posted by admin

Last month North American Bancard (NAB) announced that it had acquired Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) – a global, full-service payments processing company. To help you understand more about what this acquisition means to you, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions:

Who is EPX?

Founded in 1979, EPX is a full-service credit card, debit card, and electronic check (ACH) payment processor. EPX provides a straight-forward, fully integrated, secure payment processing platform (acting as both a payment gateway and acquirer) and has long provided merchants with secure and cost-effective payment processing services. This acquisition will help build on NAB’s industry-leading security technology to both further protect merchants and enhance consumer confidence in credit card and online transactions.

Why is NAB acquiring EPX?

NAB is acquiring EPX to deepen its position in the payments space and enhances its ability to deploy and support payment solutions to merchants, sales partners, and financial institutions.

Will current NAB merchant agreements remain in place?

Yes; this acquisition will have no impact on the merchant agreements of existing NAB customers.

How will this affect Sales Partners?

In the short-term, this will not affect NAB sales partners. In the future, NAB will integrate some of the advanced tools utilized by EPX, enhancing NAB’s merchant services offering.

What new products and services can we anticipate with EPX?

As part of the integration process our goal is to determine what additions can be offered to each merchant group. There are existing synergies that NAB will look to integrate into its research and development as it continues to innovate and develop new products and services.

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FAQ of the Week: How Can I Create Reports?

Posted on 10, Nov | Posted by admin

Question: Hi, I am using PayAnywhere Storefront for my business and I want to create some reports to help me make my business more efficient. What do I do?

Answer: You’re in luck! With PayAnywhere Inside, you can see a variety of options tailored to your business. You can search for transactions; view sales, chargeback and deposit reports; create and save custom reports; and export the reports to Excel files and PDFs. To learn more, click on the photo below and watch the tutorial from the PayAnywhere YouTube channel.

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