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10 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on 22, Apr | Posted by admin

According to Strategy Analytics, the number of smartphones in use around the world topped 1 billion in 2012. With more people using their phones to connect to businesses with each new day, you simply can’t afford to phone in your mobile marketing strategy. Here, courtesy of are 10 tips small businesses can use to reap big profits from their mobile marketing. The tips were compiled from mobile marketing experts across a wide range of companies.

1. Assess Your Readiness for Mobile Marketing

There’s no sense in driving consumers to your mobile brand — whether it’s your website or a mobile app — if you don’t create a great mobile experience for the consumer.

2. Launch a Mobile-friendly Version of Your Website

“Mobile Web surfers are a demanding bunch. If they visit your website and it’s not optimized for both the device they’re using and the different ways [that] mobile users behave, they will get frustrated and leave,” says Ken Barber, Vice President of Marketing at

3. Use Responsive Design for All Pages Great and Small

One current mobile marketing trend involves the concept of responsive design, which automatically adjusts the layout and content of a webpage depending on the type of device and size of screen.

4. Target New Device Owners for Holiday Marketing

Take advantage of the tremendous number of new devices in the market after the holiday season with limited-time offers exclusive to mobile users.

5. Keep Your Mobile Site Simple & Easy to Navigate

“If your mobile marketing efforts direct users to an app, keep the app simple,” says Matthew David, Chief Digital Strategist of Compuware’s Mobile Solutions Group, adding that the most functional apps, such as Instagram, are task-driven and straightforward. “Not only can simple apps be built quicker, they are easier to navigate … [and] load faster. If your content takes more than three seconds to download, you increase the risk of losing your potential customer.”

6. Be (Extra) Smart With Text Message Marketing

Barber says any text message sent to a mobile shopper must offer something worthy of the very personal interruption. Research by shows that mobile subscribers respond best to specials that are limited-quantity (Only 10 left!) or limited-time (48 hours only!), as well as those that offer exclusive information (We’ve just launched a new product!) and helpful tips about how to use a product (Watch this helpful video).

7. Take Advantage of Mobile Social Media

Don’t discount social media in your mobile marketing strategy, says Compuware’s Matthew David. “Today, more than two-thirds of Facebook users access the service via mobile at least some of the time, and more than one in six people exclusively use mobile phones to access Facebook.”

8. Don’t Silo Mobile Marketing

Understand mobile’s place. It’s important to know where in the mobile funnel a brand sits — and where it eventually wants to be. “Brands need to continue to build awareness and differentiation amongst competitors while driving direct sales activities across devices,” says Mark Strecker of Amobee.

9. Optimize From the Ground Up; Make It Live Off the Device

From creative to targeting to measurement, mobile campaigns need to take full advantage of the medium to get the best results. If executed correctly, targeted mobile advertising provides brands with the ability to measure precise brand engagements, behavioral analytics and app rank.

10. To Succeed, You Must Test, Test and Test Some More

When testing, it’s important to isolate one variable to test at a time. Your tests could include the color palette, the words in your headline, the placement of your forms or different images. “Big changes to the design and content of your pages can be beneficial to attracting and converting mobile users, but you may also find that the smaller, simple tweaks to your pages can have a big effect as well,” Jeff Shearer of Egencia says.

For a more in-depth look at these 10 useful mobile marketing tips, click here.

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10 Tips for Entrepreneurs Looking to Build Great Teams

Posted on 18, Apr | Posted by admin

Having the right team in place is essential to achieving all your goals as an entrepreneur. Venture capital firm Highland Capital Partners recently shared their top 10 tips for team building, which we are reposting below:

1. Treat recruiting as life or death for your company because it is.

2. Build a roadmap of key hires tired to specific business objectives/milestones.

3. Always be looking for talent.

4. Understand when you’re selling and when you’re buying.

5. For buying, leverage proven interviewing techniques.

6. Once you find the right candidate, speed and decisiveness are key.

7. Leverage recruiters when appropriate.

8. Build a board of directors/advisors/ecosystem that can’t lose.

9. Be accepting of mentorship.

10. As you hire your team, embed a culture of recruiting.

For a more in-depth look at each of these team building tips, click here to access the original article.

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7 Payroll Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on 15, Apr | Posted by admin

As an entrepreneur, you need to pay close attention to your payroll for a number of reasons. YFS Magazine recently posted a great list of tips for small businesses to use when it comes to managing their payroll.

Do you want to ensure a cost-effective and stress-free payroll process? Follow these seven tips:

1. Accurately classify employees.

One of the most common mistakes made during the preparation of payroll is not having each employee classified properly according to their pay, benefits and tax status, so getting your employee classifications right will save you a lot of grief.

2. Double-check your data.

Data entry mistakes such as entering incorrect hourly wages or hours worked tend to cost companies millions annually. In addition to lost revenue, data entry mistakes of this nature can even lead to government penalties.

3. Stay up-to-date on labor regulations.

Tax tables and regulations governing payroll are constantly in flux. Not knowing about an IRS change or a new labor regulation can cost you both time and money when you have to go back and fix it.

4. Leverage technology, but don’t rely on it completely.

While the use of a payroll software package can help eliminate human error as well as save time, payroll software is only as good as your input, so be sure to provide accurate and complete information.

5. Handle paperwork in a timely manner.

Distributing 1099 forms and other tax documents in a timely manner will save you a lot of hassles later. Despite the advantages of electronic filing and processing, paperwork remains an important part of payroll office activity. Don’t let it bog you down.

6. Put a stop to employee theft and fraud.

Sad but true: a small fraction of today’s workforce are going to participate in practices like intentionally inflating their hours, extending breaks, engaging in activities unrelated to work while on the clock and even conspiring with other workers to exaggerate productivity. Paying extra scrutiny to payroll and enacting policies that discourage theft and fraud can save you a significant amount of time and money.

7. Calculate overtime accurately.

Since overtime results in a higher pay scale, it’s important to your bottom line to avoid paying for any more overtime than necessary. That means having a system that clearly defines what overtime entails, when overtime is authorized and how overtime is verified.

To view the original article and tips, click here.

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9 Tips for Using eBay

Posted on 14, Apr | Posted by admin

Selling goods on eBay can be a great way to supplement the revenue you’re making in your store or on your own website. But, how do you become a successful eBay retailer?

Recently, Mashable sat down with a panel of young entrepreneurs to ask them precisely that. It turns out, they had quite a bit of advice on topics including: telling great stories to differentiate yourself from competitors, soliciting the all-important positive reviews, even monitoring relevant keywords and setting up alerts through platforms like Hootsuite, Google Alerts and SocialMention to direct your target market to your eBay store.

For more information, and to read the full article, click here.

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North American Bancard Takes Home ETA Star Award for 2014 “ISO of the Year”

Posted on 10, Apr | Posted by admin

First ISO to Provide Merchants with Free Cloud-based Software Solution and Tablet and Stand Credit Card Reader

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11 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Sales

Posted on 9, Apr | Posted by admin

Not everybody is a natural born salesperson. If you’re an entrepreneur however, whether you like it or not, selling comes with the territory.

Want to get more comfortable with the idea of selling? Today we offer, “11 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Sales” courtesy of Read Write. Recently, they talked with 11 successful entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council to ask them what advice they had for business owners looking to embrace their roles as salespeople. We’ve compiled their answers in the list below:

1.) Understand Sales

2.) Don’t Expect an Immediate “Yes”

3.) Fall in Love with Your Product

4.) Contact the People You Know First

5.) Ask a Lot of Questions

6.) Spend Time Educating

7.) Don’t Ignore Small Talk

8.) Be a Consultant, Not a Salesperson

9.) Find a Partner Who Loves to Sell

10.) Be Relatable

11.) Highlight the Features that Help a Particular Client

Want to find out more? For the full article, click here.

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PayAnywhere Introduces First Ever Free Tablet Payment Solution

Posted on 8, Apr | Posted by admin

PayAnywhere, the professional grade mobile point of sale solution from North American Bancard, today announced PayAnywhere Storefront, its first ever free touchscreen tablet and stand with built-in credit card reader at the ETA TRANSACT conference in Las Vegas. PayAnywhere Storefront provides new simple pricing, industry-leading security protection and advanced business analytics not previously available to merchants in one mobile payments solution.

PayAnywhere Storefront offers a simple pricing model starting at 1.69 percent for swiped credit card transactions, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal all with next-day funding. The solution also includes data encryption, tokenization and fraud protection, providing both merchants and cardholders with the highest level of security in the industry.

Additionally, in-app and online reporting provide small and medium-sized business owners with analysis tools previously only available to large companies with big data budgets. Users can easily monitor their daily sales, create inventories and generate customized reports of all sales activity in real time. This enables users to track sales immediately or over the long term and evaluate sales based on time of day, week or month to assess inventory orders and product promotions.

“This is a huge step forward for the SMB market, as it enables independent businesses to better analyze activity and adapt their overall business and marketing strategies accordingly,” said Marc Gardner, founder and CEO of North American Bancard. “In today’s retail market, small business owners deal with competition from large corporations and online retailers, and therefore need simple payment solutions that also provide them with advanced intelligence and security to ensure they’re maximizing efficiency.”

Additional features include:

  • Multiple users – Add unlimited users to one account with unique login credentials
  • Receipts – Email itemized receipts with the touch of a button, or print paper receipts
  • Tax & Tips – Automatically calculate tax based on location, and add discounts and tips
  • Live customer support via phone, chat or email
  • Free Mobile Reader – Additional mobile credit card reader to plug into Apple iOS or Android devices

PayAnyhwere Storefront is available now for free from authorized PayAnywhere dealers. For more information, visit

About PayAnywhere

Created by a multi-billion dollar credit card processing company with more than two decades of merchant payment processing experience, PayAnywhere is powering a payments revolution with its enterprise-grade, “pay-as-you-go” mobile payments system and its PayAnywhere Storefront tablet with industry leading business intelligence features. PayAnywhere’s mobile point of sale (POS) technology combines the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-grade features with live customer support. For more information visit

PayAnywhere is a registered trademark of PayAnywhere, LLC. iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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Seven Tips to Avoiding Costly Hiring Mistakes

Posted on 3, Apr | Posted by admin

Hiring the wrong staff is a surefire way to put your business in financial peril. In fact, the average hiring mistake costs 15x a person’s base salary! Recently, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization talked to more than 20 billionaires and 60 CEOs/investors in order to assemble a list of dos and don’ts to help small business owners make the right hires and avoid costly mistakes. Here’s the advice they had to share:

1.) Calculate how much hiring mistakes are really costing you.

2.) Make hiring decisions with data, not with gut feelings.

3.) Hire the specialist, not the generalist.

4.) Build a hiring scorecard before you start.

5.) Source great candidates from your network.

6.) Interview across the person’s lifetime.

7.) Sell candidates by remembering the 5Fs (Fit, Family, Freedom, Fortune and Fun.)

For a more in-depth explanation of these helpful hiring tips, click here.

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Quote of the Week

Posted on 2, Apr | Posted by admin

“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” – Biz Stone

Having a great idea for a business and/or finding the right location for it is only the first small step in your journey towards entrepreneurial success. In the end, it’s persistence and perseverance that will help you achieve your goals. had the chance to talk to Ken Oboh, Co-Founder of revolutionary music site to find out his perseverance tips for startups. Here is what he shared with them:

Find Your Motivation and Drive

“If you’re building a startup, be sure it’s something you’re interested in; invest yourself in your startup’s success. Successful entrepreneurs would often rather die than give up – an attitude that will help you push past criticism and other obstacles.”

Seek Out the Right People

“Dedicating your life to a business idea requires single-mindedness and dedication, which is hard for people who aren’t entrepreneurs to understand. Normal people fear the risk, hard work, and intense commitment required to succeed in business, which leads them to try to dampen the aspiring entrepreneur’s enthusiasm. All that negative energy can be disheartening, and it will ultimately work against you. Be your own best friend when it comes to encouragement. Surround yourself with people who will help you work toward your goals and inspire you to persevere.”

To read the full article, click here.

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10 Tips for Using a Blog to Increase Email List Signups

Posted on 27, Mar | Posted by admin

So, here at the North American Bancard Blog, every post we make is geared towards helping your business prosper. One great way to do that? Start a blog of your own! As Small Business Trends recently put it, “Email marketing is still one of the most powerful online marketing strategies around. With a healthy and growing subscriber list, you can generate more leads and net more sales through every mailing.” So what tactics did they recommend to increase email list signups?

1.) Use a Feature Box

If you don’t already have one, a Feature Box (the area between your header and your content) on your blog can give you a significant increase in subscribers. You can also build a Feature Box in WordPress with widgets.

2.) Offer a Freebie with Signup

Most people enjoy getting something for nothing. If you have an eBook, whitepaper or special report that’s associated with your business, you can give it away free to anyone who signs up for your email list. One great way to increase email list signups with this tactic is to offer your free eBook or other bonus right in your Feature Box.

3.) Provide Subscribers with Exclusive Content

If you’re fresh out of eBooks to give away, or your business doesn’t really lend itself to long-form content, you can entice more subscribers by offering them exclusive content (like a regular newsletter, video content or read-it-first links) that isn’t published to general visitors.

4.) Use Plugins to Generate Leads

For small business blogs running on the WordPress platform, there are several plugins that will help you increase email list signups with professional opt-in boxes and forms.

5.) Call Attention with an Unobtrusive Popup

Many people are using lightbox-style popups that gray out the rest of the page – which can work, but can also really annoy your visitors unless they’re done well. Luckily, there’s a more unique way to attract subscribers with popups. The free Hello Bar is a narrow strip that “pops up” along the top edge of your blog. You can customize this to either direct visitors to your signup page, or have them enter their email address directly in the bar.

6.) Provide More Chances for People to Sign Up

While you don’t want to go crazy with opt-in boxes, you should have at least one place on every page of your blog where people can subscribe to your email list. Place signup boxes at the top of the page (use a Feature Box for best effect), in the sidebar and at the end of every post. Include a brief call to action like, “Enjoy this post? Enter your email address to sign up for our list, and get notified whenever we post fresh content.”

7.) Split Test Your Wording Choices

If you’re not getting many email list signups, changing the wording on your calls to action can help. Try performing A/B testing on different wording, such as “Get Email Updates,” “Subscribe Today,” or even “Download Now!”

8.) Get Social for Greater Visibility

Social sharing is a great way to attract more visitors and increase email list signups. To boost your social media circulation, be sure to include social sharing buttons somewhere in your page template, and at the end of every blog post.

9.) Switch to a Full RSS Feed

People who are subscribed to your blog receive email notifications whenever you post new content. If you allow full RSS feeds, you’ll not only get your content read more often, but you’ll also be emailing the opt-in form at the end of your posts to all of your RSS subscribers.

10.) Practice Good SEO to Get More Visitors

The more people who find their way to your blog, the more potential email list signups you have. So, one of the best ways to increase email list signups is to make sure your blog is optimized for search engines, and therefore bringing you more traffic.

Want a little more info on these 10 invaluable blogging tips? Click here to access the original post.

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