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North American Bancard has been providing safe, secure, and reliable credit card processing services for more than 180,000 merchants nationwide.
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10 Things to Do to Be Happy in Business

Posted on 15, Sep | Posted by admin

Don’t let running your own business take the fun out of life. Instead, use these tips from Small Business Trends to help keep you happy, and find balance between work and life.

1. Embrace change.

2. Focus on the future.

3. Stop making excuses.

4. Accept your own mistakes.

5. Do it for yourself.

6. Have no fear.

7. Realize you are not always right.

8. Acknowledge your strengths.

9. Stop placing blame.

10. Create your own expectations.

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12 Tips for Social Media Customer Service

Posted on 11, Sep | Posted by admin

If you have a business page on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, chances are you have customers coming to the page with customer service issues. Here are 12 tips from Stuart J Davidson for handling customer service over social media:

1. Listen to your customers.

2. Remain calm at all times.

3. Be active.

4. Be responsive.

5. Focus on resolution.

6. Know your customers.

7. Have a personality.

8. Be human.

9. Show empathy.

10. Ask for feedback.

11. Always remember the brand.

12. Use tools.

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Get Noticed on Facebook Again With These 13 Tips

Posted on 10, Sep | Posted by admin

Over the last year, Facebook has updated their algorithm and made business page updates less visible. So how can you beat the algorithm? Try these 13 tips from Small Biz Trends:

1. Share great content.

2. Use Facebook Ads.

3. Extend to other social networks.

4. Time to get personal.

5. Import your contacts.

6. Post more often.

7. Share exclusive content.

8. Pay Attention to Analytics.

9. Go multimedia.

10. Leverage user generated content.

11. Engage with FB fans.

12. Give your page a makeover.

13. Reach out to other community managers.

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Improve Your Productivity in 5 Steps

Posted on 8, Sep | Posted by admin

It can be hard to stay productive day in and day out, especially as a business owner. Because time is valuable, and you don’t always have enough time in the day for all your tasks, it’s important to stay focused and be productive. Inc. offers 5 simple steps you can follow to help improve your productivity.

The steps include:

1. Eliminate many of your distractions.

2. Make sure your goals are realistic.

3. Set up time to handle your email.

4. Set up a rewards system.

5. Make sure that everybody has time to take care of themselves.

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8 Tips for Starting Your Business With Hardly Any Money

Posted on 3, Sep | Posted by admin

A lack of funding can really hamper a new business. In his article on Entrepreneur, Jonathan Long states that having little to no capital can be tough on a new business, but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker.

“Have a great idea but very little money? Don’t let that stop you! Yes, there will be ridiculously long days with little to no sleep. Yes, you are going to be stressed. But those that want it bad enough will make it” he writes.

According to Long, there are 8 things you can do to help you get your business off the ground with limited funds:

1. Build your business around what you know.

2. Tell everyone you know what you are doing.

3. Avoid unnecessary expenses.

4. Don’t get buried in credit card debt.

5. Make sure your receivables policy won’t sink you.

6. Build up sweat equity.

7. Take advantage of free advertising and marketing.

8. Get ready to hustle.

To read the full article on Entrepreneur, click here.

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North American Bancard Labor Day Hours

Posted on 29, Aug | Posted by admin

In observance of the Labor Day holiday the Federal Reserve, UPS and North American Bancard headquarters will all be closed on Monday, Sept. 1. The North American Bancard tech and mobile support departments, however, will be open and staffed from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

All ACH debits and credits processed on Friday, Aug. 29, will show in your account on Tuesday, Sept. 2 because of the holiday. Any activity from Monday, Sept. 1, will be processed on Tuesday Sept. 2, and any debits or credits will show in your accounts on Wednesday, Sept. 3.

Due to the holiday, there will be normal pick-up and deliver services from UPS on Friday, Aug. 29, but all shipping times will have an additional day of transit time added.

From all of us here at North American Bancard, have a happy and safe Labor Day. We will see you when we return Tuesday, Sept. 2.

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Rethink the Receipt With Phone Swipe

Posted on 26, Aug | Posted by admin

Phone Swipe has redesigned the receipt to give you what you are looking for – more meaningful connections with your customers. The new Phone Swipe receipt transforms the old receipt from a simple record of items purchased to a new way to promote your business and help your customers.

More Brand Awareness

As a small business owner, brand awareness is important. With the new Phone Swipe receipt, you can put your brand front and center. Now, add your logo and contact information at the top of every receipt.

Clean and Simple

We’ve removed the clutter in the new receipt. You will now see a clean, organized view of the sale – without all of the distraction. In addition, we’ve separated out things like proof of signature and credit authorization.

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7 Things You Can Do Today To Make Monday Amazing

Posted on 22, Aug | Posted by admin

It’s Friday! Before you clock out early to start your weekend, check out these 7 things, courtesy of Inc., that you can do right now to make your Monday the best it can be.

1. Set up some exciting contacts and give yourself something to look forward to.

2. Organize the upcoming week. Plan out as much as you can so you can have a truly relaxing weekend.

3. Get one thing off your desk. Choose one of your ongoing projects and commit to getting it done before you leave for the day.

4. Shake up your routine. Make a list of what you normally do during a Monday and then right down what you will do instead – something like instead of chatting about the weekend over morning coffee with co-workers, you will save that conversation for lunch.

5. Work on your future. Do you know where you want to be in five years? Make some notes right now, and take them with you to consider over the weekend.

6. Surprise yourself by hiding a small treat in your desk drawer or file cabinet that way you have something to look forward to when you return on Monday.

7. End the week on a high by planning to show someone your appreciation. That person can be anyone in your office who has been extremely helpful this week or done great work on a big project. Plan a nice thank you note for them or buy them a coffee on Monday morning – it will help you start the week off on a positive note.

To read the full article, click here.

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5 Signs You Need to Improve Your Website

Posted on 21, Aug | Posted by admin

There are a few easy ways for you to be able to tell if you need to improve your website, according to Google. An article on LinkedIn by Ryan J., says the signs include:

1. Your information is incorrect on online directories.

Having mismatched information on different online directories can confuse Google and make your business’s website less relevant.

2. You have multiple social media profiles.

If your site isn’t showing up in search engines, check to see if there are multiple social media profiles for your business. If you have duplicate Facebook or Google+ pages, for example, it can hurt your search results.

3. You’re overusing keywords.

Google is a smart engine, if you are overusing keywords on your website and in your coding it can have an affect on your search rankings. According to the article, “Google’s goal is to be relevant, so it’s system is turned off by artificial enhancements, and is attracted to natural language and use of words on your website.”

4. You have negative online reviews.

Be sure to check your reviews online. As a small business owner, it can be tough to deal with negative reviews about your business. If you have negative reviews, you need to drown them out with positive reviews so ask your best customers to leave you good reviews.

5. You have weak domain registration.

The article states, “This is one of the most overlooked and easiest things to correct. Google wants to make sure your website’s domain is credible, and is going to stick around for a while. Make sure your domain name is registered for 3+ years to show Google you mean to stick around.”

To read the full article, click here.

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8 Lessons to Learn from the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”

Posted on 18, Aug | Posted by admin

I’m sure, by now, that you’ve seen at least one “Ice Bucket Challenge” video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This challenge, and its videos, have gone viral in the last few weeks and a variety of celebrities have joined in. So, what lessons can you learn from this viral campaign?

Inc. breaks down the key elements that makes this campaign so successful. They are:

1. Anyone can participate.

2. There are very simple rules to the challenge.

3. There is a compressed time period to complete this challenge.

4. It’s the perfect time of the year for this type of challenge.

5. It features a strong, focused, vocal core base linked to a larger vocal base.

6. It uses simple, but descriptive hashtags.

7. There is a “social currency” element.

8. There are small expectations from the start.

To read the full article, click here.

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